What’s up! My name’s Annie Moore and honestly I started this blog for a class back in college, but then I realized that I can help spread the truth that big media glosses over, so here I am. My passions intersect between faith and politics, and unfortunately those are two topics that we aren’t supposed to talk about. Luckily, I’m not big on rules so I’m going to talk about them anyways.

If (lol, more like when) I ever say something that you don’t agree with or find offensive, just, kindly, let me know. The reason there’s such big divide between the left and the right is because we forget the humanity that comes with dealing with people. Let’s talk. That’s all I want. To start intelligent discussion and debate over issues that matter. This is how we learn. Maybe you’ll open my eyes to a new perspective, maybe I’ll open yours. We’ll see, but I’m excited to hear what you have to say!

Also, p.s. I am passionate about Jesus and politics, and I love America, but thoughts and posts are entirely my own and are not endorsed by my employers, either present or past.