A reminder from Jesus

I stepped through my second-story window out onto my fire escape and breathed in the crisp air. It felt like fall. When the humidity and overbearing heat of summer seemed like it was going to last forever, a thunderstorm blew through Washington, DC, bringing with it cool, autumn-like mornings. Now, by noon could I walk three blocks without sweating? No, but at least before the sun rose too high in the sky, we’re reminded that summer is just a season, and all seasons are only there for a time.

That first deep breath of cool air felt like a reminder from God that this too shall pass. All the “unprecedented times” and the lockdowns, the mask mandates, the protests and rioting, the uncertainty. It’s all going to end eventually. Maybe you’re in a period of uncertainty or stress or anxiety or depression or just a funk.. Schools are shut down, our friends may be halfway across the country and we only see them on Zoom. Nothing’s normal which means it’s totally normal for us to feel out of sorts and backwards. The question is, though, how can we see God in these circumstances? How can we lean on Him instead of the things or substances or the entirely human, and fully flawed people around us?

How can we use this season to grow? In the spring, farmers plant their crops, and water them and cultivate them throughout the summer. When fall comes, they’re ready to harvest their hard work. God’s like the farmer. He waters us, feeds us, takes care of us spiritually so we can grow. Right now is absolutely the time we should be leaning into our faith. God sees us fully. Behind our masks and fake smiles and lies of “I’m fine,” He’s right there. Ready for us to turn our faces to His sunlight so that we can blossom and mature in Him.

He sends a breath of cool air to remind us that this is all a season. And like every season, this one will end, too. In case no one’s told you today, you are known and loved by the same God who created starry summer nights, the mountains that turn red and gold when chill lingers in the air, and lakes that reflect His majesty when the sky’s aflame with a sunset. That same God who did all that knows you by name and listens when you speak. Lean in and grow this season, He’s waiting for you.

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