Trip less, love more

I was out for a run last summer in a Nashville suburb and tripped over a piece of uneven sidewalk. Fast forward a year and this morning I was on a run at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and unsurprisingly tripped over a piece of uneven sidewalk. I’m obviously the most coordinated human – but that’s beside the point.

I’ve been thinking about this for the past year and still haven’t learned my lesson. If I quit staring at the ground right under my feet and looked up, I would be better able to see what’s coming and more easily dodge the obstacles in my path instead of tripping over them because I see them too late.

I do this in my faith, too. Zooming in on the details, focusing on the nitty gritty, acting like a Pharisee consumed with the legalities of faith. But the truth is, there are no legalities of faith. There’s just love and that’s all. Let me repeat. All there is to a relationship with Jesus is looking up and into the face of a Savior who loves you so much, He gave His life so you could live.

He’s constantly tilting our heads up and saying, “Look at me,” so we’ll focus less on ourselves, less on our own two feet, and more on Him, more on how we can love the people around us. If I would just look forward instead of down, I’d see the roots, the uneven sidewalk, the people on bicycles, and run around them instead of into them. If I had my eyes focused on Jesus, I’d see that He has a plan for me and all I have to do is keep running, loving the people in my path. He’d help me dodge or overcome the obstacles in my way, and that’s far preferable to doing it by myself.

I want to trip less and love more, so I’m going to start looking up.

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