Am I enough?

“Am I enough?” This simple 3 word, 9 letter question is at the core of the Western world. We ask it of ourselves; we inadvertently ask it of our friends and family when we seek affirmation; we ask it of God. And we always assume the answer is no. And the truth is, the answer always WILL be no. We’ll come back to that, though.

Throwback to fourth grade. Remember learning about similes and metaphors? You know those two little words used to identify them in a sentence? Like and as, right? Comparison words. Seemingly innocent enough. Until we as a society twisted them. Instead of saying “The boy is strong as an ox,” we’ve started saying, “I were I were as strong as him,” and “If only I looked like that.” We’ve taken these comparison words and have turned them into weapons against ourselves.

And when we do, we’re asking the question, “Am I enough… compared to her? compared to him?” How many of us are finding an answer that we really want on the other side of that? I know I’m not. Because the truth is, enough will ALWAYS be just out of reach if we’re measuring ourselves by the world’s standards. We could always be smarter, more athletic, richer, more attractive – whatever it is. The world tells you you’re never enough because you can never have enough, achieve enough, BE enough.

Good news, though. God, the Creator of the Earth, looks at you, smiles, and says “Son, Daughter, you’re Mine.” He made you to be enough in Him. None of us are enough by ourselves – we simply aren’t complete without His unfailing love.

So maybe you’re stuck in your house scrolling social media and wondering why you don’t look like that girl or don’t have a quaran-team to social distance with like that guy, but God is nearby and He’s waiting for you to look up from your phone so He can tell you that you’re enough. He encourages us to lift our heads, lock eyes with Him, and follow His lead, loving everyone in our paths and reminding people that the world doesn’t determine their value – only God does – and 2000 years ago, He decided you were worth the ultimate sacrifice.

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