No, we don’t say those kinds of things about ourselves

If we’re pals and I hear you insult yourself, I’ll more often than not make you say something nice about yourself. And if you refuse, I’ll list compliment after compliment until you feel realllll uncomfortable and finally spit out something along the lines of, “I like my shoes., I guess” But why is that? Why is it so difficult for us to see the good in ourselves when others notice it so easily? And why… why do we assume that those around us only see the negative things, too?

We are bombarded with lies every day, many times coming from our own brains, telling us that we aren’t loved or worthy or good enough. We look down on ourselves while doing our best to hide those insecurities. Conceal don’t feel, right? Everything’s fine. But everything isn’t always fine. We battle our very selves and convince ourselves that we’re the only one with these struggles. What if I told you that you aren’t the only one?

How do we keep those lies from running rampant through our thoughts, keeping us from being and achieving everything that God has planned for us? We have to turn from the things that plant those little seedlings of untruth in our minds. Maybe that’s Instagram for you, or Snapchat. Maybe you look in the mirror and all you can see is the weight you think you need to lose; maybe you hear the echoes of the people who doubt you; maybe you’re being crushed by the expectations of your family or spouse or teachers.

Whatever it is, it can be dispelled by the truth that God has breathed into life. You are a son or daughter of the same God who created the mountains and the oceans. The same God who said, “Let there be light,” said, “Let there be Annie.” And Emma Kate. And Elizabeth. You are here for a purpose and were created for a purpose. So the next time that you can’t think of something nice to say about yourself, remember that not only are you enough and worthy and loved, but you’re all those things and more because the Creator of the universe says so.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love this message! It’s insane to see how the world has changed even from when I was 15 to now 19. The way the thoughts about yourself change throughout those years. Why do you one day look in the mirror and really look and see all your flaws and not just a quick glimpse at your cute Barbie shirt and pig tails? I believe this is because when you’re older you are introduced to all the pressures around you and the comparing and competitive game begins. God is then put on the back burner as you struggle to make yourself that perfect athlete or that perfect singer, model, or teacher, whatever your dream image of yourself may be. But the image we should be trying to mimic is the image of God, which has been revealed to the world through His son Jesus Christ who was sent to show us that even with the hate, the pain, and the betrayal that God is still there for us and that the holy path is worth it, it is worth it all. The gift of eternal life with our Creator and with His perfect son. No more sorrow, no more pain or suffering. So what should we do today? Forget the games, you will feel more complete and at peace if you work on your inner self, and work on pleasing God and not people, only then will the empty hole be filled, only then will you feel true love, and self love. Mute the world, and turn up God’s voice.


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