Quit posting your Bible studies on Instagram

Something that’s really been on my mind here recently is the apparent need to post bible studies and verses on social media. That can be all fine and dandy, but I’m wondering what happened to people letting their actions speak for their relationships with the Lord. I understand how if you’re totally inspired by something in your time spent in devotion, you might want to share that, but what I don’t understand is why there seems to be a “phone eats first” kind of mentality in spirituality.

To me, there’s something inherently wrong with constantly posting on Instagram about God when your actions aren’t speaking to that. The biggest flaw the Church is known for is hypocrisy and this trend is only adding fuel to that fire. But why do we do this? Is it the hope that people will find Jesus from the one verse we posted yesterday? Maybe, but more likely than not it’s our own selfish need for people to think our spiritual lives are booming, thriving and the hope that others will think we are “good Christians” because we’re obviously spending time in the Word if we’re posting about it, right?

The problem here isn’t the action, but the intention. And with this we’re saying, “God we don’t trust you to shine through us so that people will see your glory.” People should meet you and KNOW there’s something different, not necessarily because you drop Jesus’ name in every sentence, but because you live differently. We were made to be set apart. Not in that “holier than thou way,” but in exactly the opposite way. Jesus was the most perfect human to ever exist, yet he ate with tax collectors and prostitutes. He reached out to the outsiders and touched the untouchable. I challenge you to do the same. I’m challenging me to do the same, too.

Oftentimes we’re stuck in our own bubbles, doing our own thing with people who are just like us, but there is power in diversity. Surrounding yourself with people so much different from you, grows you, challenges you, and leads you to see things from a new perspective. Don’t limit others and don’t limit what God can do through you. You don’t need to be posting your colorful Bible on your Instagram story for people to know you love Jesus if you’re truly living for him day in and day out.

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  1. Amy Bacigalupo says:

    Well said.


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