Cultural Christian vs. Hipster Disciple, your choice

In this day and age, it’s edgy and cool to follow someone before they become famous. Those are the self-identified ~hipsters~. Basically anytime you mention you like a new artist to the music scene, these people will be like, “OMG love them!! I’ve been listening to their music since 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” and then you’ll be like “Wow, this person is so much cooler than me, what a time to be alive.” All joking aside, this may be an era of hipsters, but bandwagonning is 100% still a thing. Moving to the Bible Belt, I’ve even seen this in the Church. The “cultural Christians” who go to church and Bible study, but their hearts aren’t really in what they’re doing has become the norm. They go to church because that’s what you do on Sunday mornings. They attend Bible study because all their friends go and it’s more social gossip time than it is fellowship.

Can you imagine if that’s how the disciples lived? Last night at a worship service some Lipscomb University students have organized, John 2:1-11 was being preached, the story of Jesus’ first miracle where he turned water into wine. I’ve heard that passage a million times, but this time I caught something at the very end. John 2:11 says, “What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.” Jesus called his disciples before he had done any miracles. For some reason, I thought Jesus had started his ministry and then was like, “Hey guys, come along for the ride,” but the truth is, Jesus hadn’t made a big name for himself yet. He was baptized, tempted in the desert, and then he was ready. The OG hipsters were Peter and Andrew because they dropped EVERYTHING when Jesus told them he would make them fishers of men. They probably had no idea who he was going to be, but Jesus called and they went.

How much different the world would be if we had that kind of faith and willingness in our hearts. My prayer for this year is that it’s a time when more and more people open their hearts to the possibilities of what God can really do through them. I already know what Jesus has done for me, and for you, and for that rando girl over in the corner at Starbucks, so it should take only an ounce of the faith that Peter and Andrew had for me to drop everything and follow Jesus. I already know what the future holds and I should be proclaiming that from the rooftops so everyone else can know, too. This isn’t a secret. This is real and tangible and life changing. So don’t be bandwagonning cultural Christian. Be an authentic disciple of the Lord and step into what the Creator of the mountains and the galaxies and the oceans has called you to do.

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