SCOTUS Pick Protesters-What do they really want?

Another day, another protest in Washington, D.C. What were they protesting this time, though, you might be wondering? Was it another basically anti-Trump rally? Surprisingly, no, not really. In wake of the Supreme Court pick last night of Brett Kavanaugh, a sitting judge on the D.C. District Court of Appeals, protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court to voice their dissent. However, what I thought was interesting was that many of them were opposing Kavanaugh on what they thought he wanted to take away.

Chants of “My body, my choice” echoed through the air as I strolled among the couple hundred people that apparently cared enough to show up with fill-in-the-blank signs against whoever President Trump decided to nominate. Most were there to support Roe v. Wade as well as Obamacare, but I even saw some “Abolish Ice” posters, which doesn’t really fit the context, but on we go. The moral of the story is, these people are afraid that with a more original constitutionalist court, they’re going to lose all of their “rights.” I put rights in quotations because since when did the government giving you free things become mandatory?


Free health care, free birth control, free college… Guess what? None of these things are actually free, no matter how much you yell and scream in front of any government building. And they most certainly aren’t rights that just anyone is entitled to receive simply by living.

Who else but Senator Bernie Sanders would join this incohesive mob to declare that Kavanaugh was going to end America as we know it. Other politicians showed up to scream about how “Trump’s morals” were going to be imposed on America for the next generation. Signs declaring “Our pick, not Trump’s pick” were scattered throughout the crowd, but that’s not really how that works. In Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, the President of the United States is given the power to nominate judges to the Supreme Court, but, fun fact! The Senate still has to approve the nominee, and your Senator from your state was elected by you and the people from your state to represent you and your interests.

All in all, this protest was against Kavanaugh, yes, but overall, the liberals were protesting against what they thought they could potentially lose. If these controversial cases hold up constitutionally, though, they have nothing to fear. In his Senate confirmation hearing in 2004 when he was nominated to the D.C. Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh declared, “There is one kind of judge. There is an independent judge under our Constitution.” And that’s exactly what we need on the Supreme Court of the United States. So step up Senators, and support a man who believes in both our Constitution and this great nation.

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