Are people protesting family separation or the Trump administration? I went to the protest and found out

I walked up to the White House with “Shame! Shame! Shame!” ringing in my ears as  protesters chanted in contention of the separation of families at the border. Thousands of people had rallied together to stand up for what they believed in, and that’s a good thing… right? They were protesting children being separated from their parents… weren’t they?

img_7916-1.jpgThe thing is, most of those in attendance used this as a time to protest against President Trump. I saw so many signs that said things against our president. But this wasn’t Trump’s policy. It was implemented by President Bill Clinton back in 1997. If people are only protesting because they think this is Trump’s doing, they need to go home. If people are only protesting because they think we should let anyone and everyone in, they need to go home.

I saw signs declaring, “Humanity has no borders,” “Immigration isn’t illegal,” and “Vote for those who can’t,” and I’d like to take a second to respond to each of these and expose the implications behind such nice sounding declarations.

Humanity might not have any borders, but this sign implies that the United States shouldn’t either. President Ronald Reagan stated that “A nation without borders is not a nation,” but the Left would have you believe that the United States without borders would bring peace and prosperity to all. There are other ways to fix the child separation problems that don’t involve letting everyone in.

IMG_7918Immigration isn’t illegal. This is true. But coming across the border without going through the correct procedures and having the right papers is illegal, which by definition makes someone a criminal. One of the signs said “Melania Trump is an immigrant, but she wouldn’t be treated like this.” Our First Lady is an immigrant, but she did not enter this country illegally. There’s a distinct line between someone who follows the law and someone who does not, and that shouldn’t be ignored.

As for the sign challenging Americans to vote for those who can’t, I think that is the biggest problem. Illegal immigrants, and anyone not a U.S. citizen should not be able to vote. Why? Well for starters, they have no allegiance to our country. For this sign to imply that illegal immigrants should have the right to vote is utterly appalling. But that’s exactly what Democrats want. If they have their way with this whole amnesty business, Republicans will never win another election.

But back to the point…

Children being separated from their parents at the border IS something to be angry about. But at the same time, so many of these children are being used by adults who are attempting to come into this country illegally. And what makes me more angry than children separated from their parents is children who are separated from their parents and then trafficked and used as if they were property.

President Trump has signed an executive order that is keeping families together, but it is only a temporary solution to a long-term problem. Congress needs to band together behind legislation that will give us a real, legal solution, but that won’t happen if people continue calling for crazy, radical options like completely open borders.

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  1. Tony Cheatwood says:

    Well done, keep up the good work!

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